Step 1: I was born in 1981, but I'm ageless. (courtesy of mom, dad and other dear ones, but mostly me).
Step 2: I'm almost 1900mm by 1900mm but I'm not a square.
Step 3: I've got a big (slightly rounded) head which stores a couple of "High Voltage Neurons" (a.k.a. HVNs).
Step 4: I like healthy food. Though, sometimes I eat junk food. Usually late night, using my left hand, while the right hand tries to look busy... drawing.
Step 5: I like to drink a lot. Dorna's plain water, Izvorul Alb, is my favourite and I often drink it straight from the bottle. My right hand always holds the bottle giving my HVNs enough time to recharge.
Step 6: I never lie! Sometimes I just twist the truth to sell stuff.
Step 7: I always try to be better in everything I do. Me and "New Challenges", we're good old friends.
Step 8: I like to learn a lot and therefore team work fits me, but I've done a lot of projects all by myself and the results were always well appreciated by my clients*.
Step 9: I love advertising design and good looking things (and/or people ...preferably women) so I'm driven by passion in my work.
Step 10: I know you've got work to do now, so I want to thank you for reading my CV this far and if you didn't fall asleep yet please read the next 200 steps too.
Step 11 - 50: Work in progress!
Step 51: 100ml Jack D. + complimentary words exchange with my boss after first client presentation.
Step 52 – 100: Work in progress!
Step 101: Breakfast with my beautiful girlfriend.
Step 102 - 202: Work in progress!
Step 203: Sport - just to keep in shape / Cookout with my family and/or friends.
Step 204 - 209: Work in progress!
Step 210: My HVNs may be responsible for this CV so even if you didn't like it don't hesitate to contact ME in order to set up a meeting or just have a chat.

*Local and international brands (Radio ZU, Baneasa Shopping Center, UPC, Distrigaz Sud/Gaz de France, European Drinks, Domo, Springtime, Fuchs, BRM, ANRE, Transelectrica, Expur, Aro Palace, Aerostar Bacau, F.C. Vaslui, General Motors, Bosch, Siemens etc.).